Save the Word document as an image

With the word processor Microsoft Word, documents can not only be saved in the company's own Word format, but also as PDF, or use Free

 for example. An export as an image is not planned - actually. It is easier than expected.

The solution? It simply takes a screenshot, i.e. a photo of what is visible on the screen. To export an area in a Word document as an image, you therefore start the Windows-integrated snipping tool and select the function for marking an area that is to be stored as an image.

It works similarly on Mac: Here too, the Word document is opened at the desired location. Then simultaneously press the [Shift] + [Cmd] + [4] keys. The mouse pointer takes the form of a crosshair. Now draw the appropriate area on the monitor that is to be saved as an image. As soon as you release the mouse button, the screenshot can be found on the desk as an image file.