Save the Word document as an image

With the word processor Microsoft Word, documents can not only be saved in the company's own Word format, but also as PDF, or use Free

 for example. An export as an image is not planned - actually. It is easier than expected.

The solution? It simply takes a screenshot, i.e. a photo of what is visible on the screen. To export an area in a Word document as an image, you therefore start the Windows-integrated snipping tool and select the function for marking an area that is to be stored as an image.

It works similarly on Mac: Here too, the Word document is opened at the desired location. Then simultaneously press the [Shift] + [Cmd] + [4] keys. The mouse pointer takes the form of a crosshair. Now draw the appropriate area on the monitor that is to be saved as an image. As soon as you release the mouse button, the screenshot can be found on the desk as an image file.

Best 7 Essential SEO Browser Extensions & Plugins

The huge majority of humans use browsers to get entry to the web.


But most SEO professionals take it a step in addition and use those identical browsers to do loads more.


In fact, a number of the most crucial tools in my arsenal are my browser and its extensions Free Seo Tools.


So, let’s dive proper in and see what we will do with them. And the quality element is, all of them are unfastened.


  1. Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser


Ghost Browser is constructed on Chrome so everything available to you there is available in Ghost Browser… and more.


The biggest reason I switched to Ghost Browser is for what they name “classes.”


Essentially a consultation is a fresh instance of Chrome that operates within new home windows or even tab(s).


In the image above, you’ll see there are 4 extraordinary coloured tabs, every with a unique web site up.


Each of those colorings represents a consultation and they’re independent, that is why one in every of them is not logged in, one can be logged in, and another is logged in from a specific region.


You can run a couple of tabs for each consultation.


So, for example, I can be logged into one consultation as me to control an AdWords campaign but also logged in via a extraordinary account to get right of entry to the client’s analytics and Search Console (where they aren’t controlled with the aid of the same account).


Similarly, every session may be used to log into distinct social accounts, etc.


Ghost Browser additionally has Tasks. Essentially, you may shop units of tabs with their login state as a undertaking and not ought to log in and out or open all of the different tab units you probable often do each time you need to get right of entry to them.


The free model supports three classes at a time – so even it is three instances better than what you’re probable presently running with.


There is a pro version. I determined it well worth the investment based totally on my usage, you may not.


Either way, after the use of the loose version for a chunk you’ll marvel the way you ever survived with out it.


Note: I additionally discussed Ghost Browser in my article on non-search engine marketing gear for the search engine marketing.


  1. Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome Developer Tools


There is truly no manner I could cover all of the features, functions, and uses of Chrome Developer Tools on this article.


The device is constructed into Chrome and is accessed via Chrome Menu > More equipment > Developer gear.


Easily the maximum commonplace duties I use it for is to find code, determine the dimensions of elements, and troubleshoot them.


As illustrated within the photo above, the tool allows you to hover over and choose an element on a given webpage and it will show its code and (on this case) the computed output characteristics.


You can even alter the code right in the Developer Tools to see how it would render prior to making the adjustments to the live website online. You can do this on the computing device web page or set it to render the page as it would on many popular cellular devices.


This isn’t the most superior of its functionality, which includes various speed, security, and troubleshooting skills ranging from generating waterfalls of resource load times to indicating which sources are slowing down the website online load.


The gain to all this vs. a number of the opposite online gear you may use?


The effects are actual world.


That is, you’re seeing how your browser on your connection is impacted by means of the resources being loaded.


Read the tool’s web page and explore. There’s a ton in there.


When you realize what information you've got access to, you’ll know wherein to appearance whilst you need answers to associated questions.


  1. search engine optimization Quake

search engine optimization Quake


search engine marketing Quake is a classic a number of the extensions and plugins used by search engine marketing pros – and for good cause.


Essentially, search engine marketing Quake gives rapid get admission to to an array of records that all of us want.


On any given web site a easy click to drag inside the metrics will list backlinks information, cache dates, indexing records, and more.


With a couple extra clicks you benefit get admission to to the internal and outside backlinks data, keyword density records (if you’re inquisitive about that), and a ton of statistics regarding the use of Schema, heading tags, metas and more.


search engine marketing Quake isn't a substitute for web page audit and analysis tools but gives an exceptional brief picture of a page’s records.


Perfect when you need only a few limited information or are on a phone call and want to drag up a few middle metrics.


Semantic optimization

How to rank 70% of your pages better in five weeks. Trusted by using over 30,000 webmasters, commercial enterprise owners, and search engine optimization specialists.


Test Your Website


It even ties in with SEMrush to yield a few basic visitors stats as well – accessible for competitor research, mainly when considering new content material strategies.


  1. User-Agent Switcher

User-Agent Switcher


This is extraordinarily beneficial while developing new sites – specially when that website online is built the usage of much less predictable technologies.


Essentially User-Agent Switcher is exactly what it sounds like: an easy to set up plugin that switches the person agent info sent permitting you to view a site as a exclusive browser or bot.


I can’t remember the range of instances I’ve used it to troubleshoot crawl problems or discover variations in how Googlebot is viewing a web page versus a browser.


Obviously, it may additionally be useful while determining how a site will load with special browsers or running systems as well.


five. Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant


Google Tag Assistant is an extremely beneficial device, particularly for people who use Google Tag Manager.


It can also be on hand when you in reality need to identify troubles with analytics or other tracking codes (AdWords, etc.)


The icon for the extension adjustments color depending on whether there are problems detected and makes be aware of the problems while clicked.


Search Engine Journal gets a green light, as illustrated above, however warnings and errors get stated when there are reproduction or empty tags or tags now not configured properly.


Tag Assistant additionally reports on reproduction or analytics code troubles.


It handily shall we you file a session permitting you to navigate paths inside your site (or other’s) and then evaluation the recording to locate mistakes and problems.


It’s a useful troubleshooting device throughout an array of scenarios.


Here’s Google’s video outlining some of its core features:

  1. Show Title Tag

Show Title Tag


By no way a important plugin but a accessible one, Show Title Tag honestly presentations the web page title in the browser.


You can move it to any of the corners of the browser and the red text indicates where it’s in all likelihood to be reduce off in search consequences.


It’s beneficial when viewing competitors’ web sites to speedy seeing how they’re doing their titling beyond the fast snippet that could appear within the tab and with out viewing the supply or starting Developer Tools.


This plugin is also beneficial when you’re navigating your own web site, highlighting instances in which your title might be too long.


  1. Ghost Proxy Control

Ghost Proxy Control


The Ghost Proxy Control extension comes pre-loaded with Ghost Browser.


Basically, you can add your proxies in and get entry to them without difficulty through the extension.


One of the huge perks to the combo of Ghost Browser and Ghost Proxy Control is that you can load distinctive proxies into specific consultation and basically have a tab for every area.


I’ve found this incredibly beneficial for checking SERP consequences from numerous place and having the ability to view them at the identical time, facet by means of side.


It’s specifically thrilling for local search engine marketing.


The potential to check now not just rankings from exceptional locations but compare effortlessly how the layout might differ.


The control allows for a proxy to be assigned to a single tab or an entire consultation (indicated by way of more than one tabs of the equal shade).


While the extension is loose, proxies usually are not.


Although free proxies are available, I pay about $20 in step with month for 10 dedicated proxies.


There are definitely more browser extensions and plugins than what I’ve included on this list of essentials

However, most of those require subscriptions, are too similar to one of those noted above, or don’t apply to the duties of virtually every SEO pro I know.

For example, Moz and Buzzsumo have great extensions. But they can be quite frustrating unless you have a paid subscription.